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Steven Piskoty is an advertising graduate, with a deep-rooted love for all things design. By combining his degree in creative strategy with his background in many other diverse fields and facets of design, he brings a very unique perspective to any project or position. He sees the devil in the details but never loses sight of the big picture. 

Some say he’s restless, others say he’s productive. Intrigued by design, branding, advertising, strategy, the little things, great food, and goods that stand the test of time.

He is on a constant search for innovation and the ‘sweet spot’. The spot at the intersection of branding, emotions, people and their interaction with a product or environment.

Want to hire me? Work on a project together? Need a great listener? I'm here to talk....

You can reach me by phone at 941.735.0912 or email at              

Also, check out my Tumblr, Linkedin and Instagram. There's a ton of other stuff there that will give you a better idea of who I am.