What I'm doing:

Chances are I'm currently: reading, collecting, exploring, tinkering, building, observing, thinking, designing, crafting, creating, playing, or learning. Some say restless, I say productive. I want to absorb all the world has to offer, from new skills to new ideas…and then I want to do more.


What I can do:

My areas of expertise and interests include, but are definitely not limited to: branding, advertising strategy, graphic design, copywriting, creative direction, product layout and merchandising. I obsess over aesthetics and quality. I strive to find and create the best things out there and then take them to the next level.   

What I've done:

I’ve worked together with: an internationally-acclaimed artist, a mid-century modern antique dealer, and an interior designer; started a food blog with my far better-half; and developed a fully-integrated ad campaign for a global cosmetics company.